• Photosensitive Epilepsy only effects 3% of people with epilepsy. 


  • Only 52% of people living with epilepsy in the UK are seizes free however over 70% could be seizures free with the right treatment.


  • Most seizures without warning and usually last for a few seconds of minutes, some people are conscious while having a seizures but others are not. People may feel confused after having a seizures as they don't remember what has happened.


  • Some people do not jerk or shake while they have a seizures, they may seem vacant or confused.


  • Everyone can have seizures but most don't have them in "normal conditions".


  • There are many different causes for epilepsy, they usually start with things like head injury's but some times it can come 'out of the blue' and no reason can be found.


  • Do not restrain someone while they are having a seizures.


  • Epilepsy is not contagious, you cent get it or give it to anyone.


  • Epilepsy can't be cured.


  • Epilepsy is not rare.


  • You can die from epilepsy, however it isn't common. This fact is rather unknown and SUDEP is one of the main causes of the deaths.


  • Epilepsy is rather underfunded by the NHS and many are un-aware of the seriousness of the illness.



  • One in 20 will have a seizures in the life, however this does not necessarily mean they will have epilepsy.


  • One in 50 will have epilepsy in their life, not all people will have epilepsy for their entire life.